Mini Bands (light / apricot)

Light – apricot

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Mini Bands are compact closed- loop elastic rubber bands, which are used especially in warm-up, activation drills and rehabilitation in the gym or at home. Mini Bands offer new training methods for different step exercises, leg extensions, shoulder stabilization and for clute activation exercises. Combining Mini Bands to other muscle training you can activate and develop the abdominal muscles effectively.


Available in 3 different stiffness (light / apricot, medium / spring green and strong / lavender)
Includes: Mini Band (size: 25 x 5cm), sold as single


Pull force test:
Light – apricot / ITEM CODE: 61167-1
100% (stretching) – 3,5kg / 300% (maximum stretch) – 7kg

SIZE (cm): 25 x 5
WEIGHT (kg): 0,011
COLOR: apricot

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