High quality nordic walking poles „TWIGO SMART“, containing 50 percent Carbon fiber, length adjustable (telescopic).

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High quality nordic walking poles „TWIGO SMART“, containing 50 percent Carbon fiber, length adjustable (telescopic).

Art. Nr.: 4779034620015 (GS1 Lietuva Item number registration certificate)


Length adjustable (telescopic) poles containing 50 percent Carbon fiber. Poles with carbon fiber are very reliable and light. At the same time they are sufficiently elastic and very strong what is very important for Nordic Walking poles. Carbon fiber – a very expensive material, therefore to manufacture Nordic Walking poles from pure Carbon fiber is not advisable. A combination of Carbon fiber and glass fiber is an optimal variant – the best quality and price ratio.


Length: adjustable 85 – 135 cm. How to identify the correct length of the poles, please read the user manual.

Weight: 0.4 kg/pair


Comfortable light plastic grip covered by natural cork material. Natural cork gently flattens to the arm. Besides, grips of natural material are warm and sufficiently strong, durable. 

Strap: glove shaped with a hole for a thumb, marked for left and right hands with NWStyle inscription. Glove shaped wrist straps ensure comfort, raise impact efficiency and improve precision in movements. Length is adjusted in a wide range, therefore the strap is easily regulated for different size of hands.


Exclusive strap advantage – easily undone from the handle merely by a single press to quickly free the hand. Strap size is regulated both in the wrist area and through the hole for a thumb, therefore it is very comfortable to fit to the hand size, to walk both with and without gloves.


Color: bottom part – black pearl. Upper part – red (blue, black, grey) decorated with exclusive design elements (motivating white (yellow) men).


Tip: durable plastic with hard metal tip complete with an oval plastic rest, preventing the stick from „sinking“ when walking on loose surfaces (snow, sand, etc.) and a rubber „shoe“ shaped tip. Rubber tip is used to walk on solid surfaces, it absorbs impact and ensures grip with asphalt and concrete covering.


The poles are sold in pairs. The price is given for a pair. The poles are designed in Lithuania. 


We grant a 12 months warranty, and upon completion of it we will provide post warranty services. Warranty does not cover natural wear of rubber tips. We can always sell you these for a moderate price to renew your sticks for pleasant and quality walking.


Nordic walking – way of improving physical condition and also leasure time activity in an open air. Nordic walking is gaining popularity rapidly.

  • easy to learn, suitable for different age groups;
  • less strain motor apparatus - up to 30%, therefore particularly suitable for people with joint and back problems;
  • relaxes the neck and neck muscles;
  • effective weight loss workout in the fresh air;
  • trains the the upper body muscles;
  • improves cardiovascular activity;
  • Because of active breathing, improves the supply of oxygen to the whole body;
  • Nordic walking is the best adapted rehabilitation after sports injuries in the open air.

Our aim is to spread Nordic Walking as a new concept of well-being, active and joyful form of leisure for everyone, everywhere and always. If you are a Nordic walking enthusiast and can dedicate time to promote Nordic Walking, we invite you to work together. Contact us and we will offer you a reasonable form of cooperation - inventory and training.

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