Nordic walking training for instructors

We are offering and inviting you to sign up for instructor classes which starts as optimal group of people is gathered. The date and location is arranged during the sign up according to your requests and our facilities.
The training programme is prepared according to training institute of German Nordic Walking association (VDNOWAS) methods and consists of theory lessons, practical activities, filming and video analysis.
Training programme:
  • the history of nordic walking;
  • the nordic walking impact to health;
  • training of nordic walking technique;
  • training levels (adjustment of training intensity);
  • types of training (wellness, increasing physical status, over-weight regulation);
  • the analysis of participants technique skills: filming, video analysis;
  • nordic walking equipment (selection of poles, analysis of constructional elements, accessory equipment);
  • Nordic Walking Style training and equipment chain expansion (discussion on potential collaboration, contracts).
Length of training: 10 – 18 h. (lunch break included)
Price: 230 Eur+ VAT
Janina Bazevičienė, nordic walking trainer, director of Nordic Walking Style consortium;
Jonas Koryzna, nordic walking trainer, director of Nordic Walking Style consortium.
Information and registration: tel. +370 698 25819, e-mail: